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Sorting the brakes…

The brakes had always been funny in the Avanti. When I first got it, the passenger side rear would lock up in anything remotely resembling a panic stop situation. A cursory inspection on a lift didn’t reveal anything, so I finally took it to what had previously been a shop I respected. They suggested wheel cylinders but were otherwise stumped.

I replaced the wheel cylinders, even though the ones of the car looked like they had recently been replaced. Perhaps the previous owner had the same thought? Made no difference, though while I was in there I replaced the brake master cylinder and flushed the fluid. Shortly after this I was looking around underneath it again and I discovered that the metal brake line on the driver’s side rear axle was crushed. I presume someone put a tow hook around the axle at some point and crushed the brake line. Once that was replaced braking was better but still not great.

Spoke with Jon Myers at the AOAI/SDC meet and he suggested a rebuilt brake booster. A local club member had mentioned something similar so I sent it off to Jon in Ohio. A few weeks later it was returned and re-installed. Now I think it’s probably as good as it’s going to get with the original front discs and rear drums.

I’ve talked with Turner Brakes about a conversion kit for the rears but he’s advised that his kit is not compatible with the ’85 models, so for now I will live with them as they are.