Monthly Archives: February 2013

1984/1985 Owners Manual

Finally got around to scanning and cleaning up a copy of the manual that came with RQB-4245. Technically a 1985 model, this copy has only “1984” references in it. One can imagine that a leftover 1984 book was used as they didn’t bother to reprint for 1985, what with all the other problems going on at the time.

I edited this version to remove all “model year” references, which makes it useful for 1984 and 1985 owners, but I don’t know enough about 1983 (and prior) years to know how relevant this will be for those cars.

For those that have access to a printer that will print two-sides, the blank pages are there so you can use the “Booklet” printing feature within Adobe Acrobat Reader to print it like an actual book, then fold and staple like the original was made. If you have an original manual, put it away and use this printed one in the car. You can always print another if it gets dirty/damaged.

Download it: 84-85OwnersManual