Monthly Archives: October 2012

Build Sheets

Called up Nostalgic Motors last week seeing if they had a build sheet for RQB-4245. Betty emailed me a few days later saying they had one, but it was marked “VOID” with a date of September, 1985. The paint and interior colors on it didn’t match my car (which is believed to be original), either.

Later, while going through the glove box, I found the original radio bezel (the Blaupunkt Sacramento having been replaced with a Pioneer in November 1998) that had a hand-written number on it, 4238.

I emailed Betty back asking if she had anything on that car, and she did, though it was crossed out with a large “X”. The colors on it, however, did match mine exactly. Light blue metallic, blue leather Recaro seats, dark blue carpet.

Weird. I’m open to hearing from anyone who might know why this would happen, or knows the whereabouts of RQB-4238.

Once I get the copies of them both, I’ll scan and post them here.