Adding a center console armrest

I love me a good center console armrest. The Avanti didn’t come with one, but an enterprising owner who must feel the same way that I do came up with a solution.

Boy, the car sure was dirty when I took those photos! Anyway, this is some sort of imported car console that the seller modifies slightly and fabs up a special bracket. I got mine from him in the velour material as he acquired it and then had my local trim shop re-upholster it in a blue that looked close. The flash in these photos really makes the blue look brighter than in it is real life.

Flips up and out of the way as shown in the third image when necessary but also rests nicely on the raised brake handle when parked, too. Little coin holder inside, and a small access hole at the back for snaking your phone charger/AUX cable through.

To get yours, email Charlie at “northeastavanti(at)” and he can set you up with one. Installation – no drilling required – was straightforward and all hardware is included along with photos and instructions.I highly recommend it.

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