My first reproduction part for the Avanti!

I never knew that the two star-shaped knobs on the outside of the Recaro seats were supposed to have little plastic discs covering the nut holding the knob in place – until I found one in my ashtray.


The disc is marked on the inside with PEKALIT which now translates into “unobtainium” based on my research. I did run across some nice guys over at who have a need for these discs also on the Recaro seats that were used in the 500-series cars from the mid-80s.

I first tried my “go to” guy for short run molded plastic parts, but these parts were so thin that he had a great deal of inconsistency in getting these made with a urethane mold. I tabled the idea for a year or so until I located a new supplier who could make a fairly low cost CAD drawing, aluminum mold and also cast the parts for me, as well.



The finished parts came in today, and I couldn’t be happier with them. The worldwide, lifetime market for these is in the low hundreds, at best, but I am happy to have these parts and to also have them available for anyone else who has the need.

I made a little video on them here. They are available for purchase on Ebay at $4 each, which includes free shipping anywhere in the USA.


1 thought on “My first reproduction part for the Avanti!

  1. Shawn Hueston

    I stumbled on all this Avanti stuff by accident. I believe mine is rqb4040, a 1984 model. Barn fins. Needs love. I have her up to daily driving standards. much to sort out though. Your documentation has been so helpful. Just did the brake booster. I would have never figured out what booster I needed without your posts. THANKS!!!!!


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